Have you ever heard about the famous Yellow Pages that were famous back in the day? Well, now you can also use them directly from your phone with a new version of them. Thanks to the Yellow Pages you will have the chance to find whatever you are looking for as there are hundreds of businesses listed on them. Whatever you need to contact, probably YP will have it.

Some important characteristics you should know about YP

  • People can save what they find interesting and also share it with other people who also need it.
  • YP has available tons of different restaurants with all the information that a user might need to contact them.
  • People can directly request an Uber by using the Yellow Pages, no need to have the app installed.
  • People can get access to showtimes, movies, and more directly from the app, they can also buy tickets directly from YP.
  • YP has some in-app integrated features from other apps, such as GrubHub which lets them ask for food.
  • YP lets people browse for reviews, ratings, and photos from different places without using the apps.
  • People can post their own reviews about something and other users will have the chance to see it.

Some FAQ of YP

Can I use YP app for free?

Yes, the YP is free for everyone.

What is YP app used for?

The YP app is used for different things. People can use it to get access to other apps features without downloading them, post reviews about something, and more.

What can you find in YP app?

People can find almost everything they need. Restaurants, hotels, laundries, and more.

Can I publish my business in YP app?

Yes, but people need to fill an application form directly from their website. Upon approval, people will see their business in the app.