YouTube Go

We all know YouTube as the most popular websote for watching videos. Well, YouTube Go is a lite version of the most popular website for watching videos, YouTube. This aplication is launched for people who have slow connections, but still want to enjoy the great content of YouTube. If you wish to improve the quantity of the videos that you see online, but you don’t have the best internet connection, you should consider downloading this app.

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Download YouTube Go for Mobile


Where do I download YouTube Go?

Since many users around the world don’t have access to top quality internet connections and have to use their mobile data to watch videos, they will prefer going for an option that doesn’t waste the data and can load decent videos faster than usual. Download and installation has to be the easiest part of the process, because YouTube already launched a final version and you can find YouTube Go in the Play Store and the App Store.

Steps to download YouTube Go

Open App Store or Play store depending on what OS you’re using.
Type “YouTube Go” on the search bar.
Tap “Enter” or the “Search” button.
Pick the first option in the list, the “Play” logo on the red flame.
Press “Install” and that would be it.
After you download and install the app you’ll have another job, since you have to sign in. Since signing in is the only way for YouTube Go to know your favorite videos and create recommendations based on your likes. If you have an active google account in your phone, that is the one that is going to be used, but if you have none or more than one, you’ll have to stick to one only.

YouTube Go Features

The main highlights of this App are impressive, because their main goal is to help the viewer to administrate his or her Data usage in the best way. That’s why we consider is the best option to watch all kinds of videos on the go.

· Download videos with YouTube Go.

Maybe the most amazing and impressing feature of YouTube Go is the possibility to download videos straight from the app. Select the quality, the language and the resolution of the video and save your favorite videos to see them offline whenever and wherever you want.

· Preview videos.

If you have suffered of waiting eternally for a video to load, only to realize that you’ve been loading the wrong video all along, you’ll understand the pain, but worry no more, because YouTube Go has the option to preview the video so you can decide if you want to see it, download it or move to the next one.

· Manage your data usage

Every Mb counts, since they are not cheap. YouTube Go also gives the viewer the possibility to select the resolution of the video for playing it or downloading it and help the user administer his data usage in a better way.

· Create your own playlists

If you like a video, YouTube Go will recommend you many other videos that resemble that one. You can create your own watch lists, but YouTube Go will also consider your likes and always put videos that you might like in the Home page, like YouTube has always done until now.

How to download videos on YouTube Go?

If you love a video and want to keep it with you to watch it over and over and show your friends, you can download it easily with YouTube Go and in the resolution that you desire.

  • Go to the video that you want to download on the Home menu or type the name in the search bar.
  • Tap on the video Thumbnail.
  • Adjust the settings of the video and select the resolution that you wish.
  • Tap the “Download” button
  • You’ll know when the download has been completed, because the download button will turn blue.

If you wish to look at your downloaded videos, you only have to look for them in the “downloads” section of YouTube

Go, or you can also watch it on the gallery of your phone.