Working on a company and not knowing what to do is kind of a mess, and if you don’t act properly, things can terribly wrong! But, as it is usual, people can always find a solution for their problems in an easy way. Thanks to Yammer, people now have the chance to manage their companies in an easier way with tons of amazing tools that are only available in the app.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Yammer

  • People can use Yammer no matter where they are to stay connected with other employees.
  • Yammer is a useful app that helps companies to enhance engagement and overall employees’ participation in companies’ activities.
  • Yammer is useful for both, employees and bosses, as they both can be part of the app and use it however they want to.
  • People can upload and watch content to Yammer such as videos, images, and more.
  • Yammer can be used to create events and everyone in the company will immediately know it.
  • People can create customized messages that will be sent to Yammer users in an easy way.
  • Yammer is perfect to enhance internal communication as people can use it to deliver messages to everyone in the company in an easy way.
  • Yammer has an in-app browser that helps people to find other users and groups easily.

Some FAQ of Yammer

What is Yammer used for?

Yammer is an app used for internal communication within companies, it is somehow similar to Facebook, but for companies.

What is the difference between Yammer and Teams?

They are both pretty similar, but somehow, Yammer has more features that Microsoft Teams do not actually have.

Is there a desktop application for Yammer?

Yes. People can find the Yammer app for desktops too.

Is Yammer a free app?

Yes, people can keep the free version for as long as they want to.