Discover a new way to share files, music, photos, contacts, videos or even applications by downloading Xender. It will allow you to transfer all this just by being close to the user. It works through NFC technology, increasingly common in mobile terminals, with a speed forty times normal to the Bluetooth standard. In addition, you can send files to up to five devices simultaneously.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Xender

  • Xender is smarter whereas it is a bundle of advantages over your conventional file transferring techniques.
  • Xender is a file sharing application available for all operating systems even including PC support. This is a very smart solution wins millions of users trust all over being the most trusted and fastest sharing application that supports almost all of the file formats. This is about unlimited file sharing experience on Android, iOS, Windows mobile, PC and Mac.
  • Xender does not use Mobile data. In fact, it is about creating personal Hotspot and get the devices connected to the network through which all transferring going to happen.
  • Allows to view, move, and also delete files with file manager feature.
  • Xender supports more than 20 different languages.
  • This exceptionally light application for your Android or PC that will not make any trouble with storage.
  • And another interesting fact, it will play all music and videos being the best Wi-Fi file transfer master.

Some FAQ of Xender

Where are Xender files are stored in my phone?

Xender provide you with two options to where the file will be stored, Phone Storage or SD Card Storage if it is available on your device.

What can I transfer with Xender?

You can send locally stored photos, videos, files, and music, as well as searches from other apps such as OneDrive to another device. Provided that all devices have Xender installed and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Is Xender a safe app?

You should be aware that no security measures that Xender take to protect your data are absolutely guaranteed to avoid unauthorized access or use of your data. When you use some Xender products or services, the data and content you share is visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them.

Why Xender is so popular?

Xender offers some good features, as well unlimited file sharing experience on Android, iOS, Windows mobile, PC and Mac. You can share Music, share Video, and share Photos.