Wyze is here to change the way people live. Thanks to Wyze people can start to change their lives in a pretty easy and fast way. You can shop while using Wyze thanks to the Wshop, you can view what’s going on in your house, or even interact with those smart devices you have. Set up your high-tech ecosystem with Wyze and take a step forward to the future.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Wyze

  • Wyze is an app that will let you get into their store and buy different products in just a few seconds.
  • People who have bought products from Wyze can connect them to other devices, such as Alexa or Echo.
  • Wyze has created different products that suit different needs, there is almost no limit to what people can find in the app.
  • There are amazing products, like smart vacuums, that will let you spend less time cleaning.
  • People can keep their houses safe using the Wyze app as it has an amazing security system included.
  • People will only need to have an internet connection to know what’s happening in their houses.

Some FAQ of Wyze

Is there a monthly fee for WYZE Cam?

No, the only cost is to actually buy the cameras.

Can WYZE record without WiFi?

No, it will always need an internet connection in order to properly work.

How good is the WYZE camera?

WYZE has a pretty solid quality, so it’s pretty amazing for what people might need.

Can I get the WYZE app for free?

Yes, people can get the WYZE app for free.