World of Pets

Looking for a new game? Download World of Pets and enter the world of Norris Nuts, where you can collect and master fantastic animals, play with them, trade with your friends, discover new places and complete quests. You will be able to customize your pets, make them grow from the moment they hatch from the egg and make them evolve by completing missions. Start playing with your friends and compare styles in the Town Center!

Download World of Pets for PC


Some important characteristics you should know about World of Pets

  • The Norris Nuts are a popular Australian family whose escapades are documented for their over 5 million YouTube subscribers to see. Join the exhilarating adventures of the Norris Nuts as they explore the magical lands of World of Pets.
  • Take care of various different types of animals and pets, your very own animal game app with playful dogs, cuddly cats, cute rabbits, delightful hamsters and adorable guinea pigs. Take on lovable horses and a cute young foal, as well as lots of different farmyard animals such as cheeky goats, sheep and pigs.
  • This app is a playful learning about animals, find new homes for horses, dogs, cats, birds, fish and other adorable animals.
  • Fantastical animals, colorful characters, and enchanting locations will await gamers as they play & trade with friends, customize characters, and collect, hatch & raise loyal pets.

Some FAQ about World of Pets

Why is World of Pets so popular?

The game is entertaining and attractive for all age groups, and it is free. The game will be successfully loved by all mostly kids who always want to have pets.

Why should I download and install this app?

World of Pets is a social place! Meet with friends and make new ones, play, trade, have competitions. The game is honestly really nice and interactive and kids really enjoying playing it. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. The game is entertaining and attractive for all age groups, and it is free.

What do people think about World of Pets?

People really enjoy playing this game, very elaborate and recommended, with lots of fun things to do throughout the game. One of the things to highlight for the users of World of Pets is that it is not necessary to pay to advance in the game.

Should I get the founders pack?

Currently copies of the Founder’s Pack have sold out!