Ever been in a position that you don’t know how many hours have you worked? Maybe have you forgotten about something important that needed to happen? It’s ok, the solution is now here and is better than you think. With Workday, you will have access to an app that was designed to make things much easier in the company where you are working on!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Workday

  • Workday is an app that can be used in different ways, it will depend on your position on the company.
  • People can review payments in the app in just a matter of seconds.
  • In case someone needs it, they can upload their timesheets to know where they will be available in the work.
  • Workday is perfect to ask for different tasks, such as time offs, or checking in to the work in an easy way.
  • Workday will notify users when an important event is happening if it is sync on the app.
  • People can use Workday to get to know their coworkers as they can review the company directory.
  • Workday can be used as a learning platform as well, as, people can upload different courses to it.
  • People can update their preferences in their profile in case multiple employers need to log in on the same device.
  • Managers can approve different requests coming from their employees with a simple click.

Some FAQ of Workday

How do I use Workday?

Workday is an app that companies use for different tasks. People can upload their timesheets, review other employees’ profiles, and more. It’s similar to a social media platform. You only need to create a profile and you are ready to go.

Can I log into Workday from home?

Yes. Workday can be used wherever people are, it will depend on the company on how to use it, but it can be used from home if needed.

How do I check my Workday schedule?

Once you have uploaded your schedule to Workday just simply click on the browser and put “My Schedule” and it will show up.

Is Workday free to use?

Yes. Workday can be used for free.