Words of Wonders

Enjoy a whole new world with a unique crossword adventure that people have never seen before! Now you will need to show the world how good you are with words in a new challenge that will make you show how much knowledge you have in tons of different levels while facing challenges from all over the world thanks to the Multiplayer mode.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Words of Wonders

  • Word of Wonders is a whole new challenge for people who love crosswords.
  • Play with tons of different players from all over the world to escalate positions.
  • The game is designed to challenge people with different challenges on each level.
  • Discover a lot of different levels as you connect words to complete countless levels.
  • People will need to show their knowledge off in this game to create unique word combinations.
  • The strategy will be your best ally as this game is a whole new challenge for people.

Some FAQ of Words of Wonders

How many levels are there on Words of Wonder?

There are over 300 hundred levels in Words of Wonders and developers are working on adding more.

What do people think about Words of Wonder?

People see this game as an innovative crossword game, so they love to see how a classic game has become quite popular in a whole new format.

Why is Words of Wonder so popular?

It has become quite popular thanks to the fact that it took a classic game and made it a challenge during a whole new age for tons of different players.

Is Words of Wonder available for free?

Yes. People can download Words of Wonder for free.