WordPress is one of the most powerful apps that you could have ever imagined having on your phone! You can start using it to build your dreamed website from scratch with tons of unique tools, or you can use it to post content on your website, or to someone else’s website. Start creating as many websites as you want, share as much content and you need, and enjoy all the features!

Some important characteristics you should know about WordPress

  • WordPress is an app that was meant to be used on PCs, but the website builder on the app is perfectly optimized for everyone.
  • There are tons of themes that people can choose while working on WordPress to apply to the website that users are building.
  • People can use different tips that will help them to complete everything they need to do.
  • WordPress allows users to check the stats of their website in real-time so users can stay tuned with what’s going on on their page.
  • People can use the stats that WordPress shows in order to organize strategies to create better content for a determined public.
  • WordPress will notify users when something new happens on their website, whether it is a comment or something similar.
  • People can add tags and categories to make their blog a more organized place to be in.
  • WordPress allows users to post videos and images directly to the blog posts created in WordPress.
  • People can add different plugins to WordPress that will make things easier for them. Whether it is for sharing content to other social media platforms, to add themes as we said before, protection plugins, and more.

Some FAQ of WordPress

Can I use WordPress in my computer?

Yes! People can use WordPress on their computers.

Is the WordPress app free?

Yes, WordPress is a completely free-to-use app.

Can I install WordPress on my phone?

Yes! WordPress created an app that is pretty well optimized to be used on mobile devices.

Is WordPress worth it?

As you don’t truly need to pay for it, yes, it is pretty worth having.