VPNs have become one of the most important tools someone can have while browsing through the internet. And let’s not talk about choosing a VPN! But, thanks to Windscribe VPN you will secure your WiFi connection and it will keep you safe while browsing online. And the best part is you can use it for free for some time, so it’s time to start browsing safely!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Windscribe

  • Users can activate it with a simple click, no need for further unnecessary configurations.
  • Windscribe allows you to auto-enable or disables the app once you get home, or once you leave it, that way your phone or PC will stay protected.
  • People can choose which one of the apps in their mobile or PC will need the VPN to be turned on.
  • Windscribe will never ask its users to log in to the VPN or will ask for any further information.
  • Users won’t need to worry about the VPN being available in only one location, they can choose between 12 different servers from different countries.
  • Users can choose from 4 different protocols in order to make their navigation even safer.
  • Windscribe offers a subscription for those who truly need to have the VPN always active.

Some FAQ of Windscribe

Is Windscribe VPN free?

Windscribe is a freemium app. People can use it for free with some restrictions, or they can pay for it to get the full package.

Can Windscribe be trusted?

Yes! Windscribe is one of the safest VPNs people can get nowadays.

What can I do with Windscribe VPN?

People can basically do anything they want with Windscribe VPN. Their navigation will always remain safe, so there’s no need to worry about it.

How can I know if Windscribe is working?

Windscribe works somehow similar to an extension. Watch it out on the top of your browser and that way you will see if the app is working or not.