I’m sure that searching for information on the Internet you have come across the Wikipedia website. It is the reference encyclopedia with the most content on the web, run by Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. where users are the ones who write the content. There are forums where the different corrections and the content of the posts are discussed.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Wikipedia

  • On January 15, 2001, Wikipedia was launched as a feature of 20,000 articles in 18 languages expanded Wikipedia in the first year.
  • Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopedia that anyone can edit, and most people have already used.
  • Wikipedia uses a collaborative software known as wiki that facilitates the creation and development of articles.
  • Wikis were inspired in part by Apple’s HyperCard program, which allowed users to create virtual “card stacks” of information with a host of connections, or links, among the various cards.
  • The Wikipedia community is based on a limited number of standard principles. One important principle is neutrality. Another is the faith that contributors are participating in a sincere and deliberate fashion.
  • Readers have the possibility to correct what they perceive to be errors, and disputes over facts and over possible bias are conducted through contributor discussions.

Some FAQ of Wikipedia

Who runs Wikipedia?

It is called the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia is a non-commercial website, non-profit. The organization is based in San Francisco.  They are supported by donations and grants, and their mission is to bring free knowledge to everyone.

Can Wikipedia be used as a reference?

Actually, you cannot. Wikipedia is not a reliable source for citations elsewhere on Wikipedia. Because it can be edited by anyone at any time, any information it contains at a particular time could be vandalism, a work in progress, or only plain wrong. Wikipedia generally uses reliable secondary sources, which vet data from primary sources.

What does Wikipedia mean?

The name “Wikipedia” is a blending of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning “quick”) and encyclopedia.

When did Wikipedia start?

Wikipedia began with its first edit on 15 January 2001.