WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. To use it, all you need is a smartphone and a phone number. The application allows you to send messages, photos, videos and audios, as well as publish stories that last 24 hours. Voice calls and video calls can also be made. It is one of the most complete chat applications in the world, which appeared only as an alternative to SMS, but which is currently used by more than two million people in the world.


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Some important characteristics you should know about WhatsApp Messenger

  • Launched in 2009, WhatsApp is one of the most popular text and voice messaging apps.
  • There are now plenty’s of messaging services around, but WhatsApp has stacks of features and is extremely widely used – the Facebook-owned app claims to have over two billion users worldwide.
  • Part of what makes this app appealing is that it works on various phone and computer operating systems, helping with messaging. It can also take advantage of Wi-Fi and cellular data to make one-on-one or group calls.
  • WhatsApp is completely free, with no fees or subscriptions, because it uses your phone’s 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi connection instead of your cell plan’s voice minutes or text plan. If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, it won’t eat into your data plan either. Its popularity is sustained by its support for worldwide free calling, even if the people chatting are not in the same country.
  • WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos to contacts, as well as share a contact or document, but you can also send your location.
  • WhatsApp isn’t just for instant messages, you can use it to make video and voice calls too.


Some FAQ about WhatsApp Messenger

Is WhatsApp Messenger safe?

Not entirely. Although end-to-end encryption makes WhatsApp more secure than other communication apps.

What applications similar to WhatsApp are there?

Telegram is the best like-like app to WhatsApp out there. Then you have Signal, is also a free and simple to use app which is available on all major platforms. Viber has been around for quite some time and is also more popular that Telegram. Wechat, Kik and Wire are also listed but not so popular.

Do you need a phone number to use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp account is based on the phone number and you need a phone number to install and use WhatsApp on Android/iOS phone. It is not easy to get WhatsApp activation code if your phone doesn’t have a valid SIM card. You can easily install and use WhatsApp on another device without SIM or phone number?

Is it possible to install two WhastApp accounts on the same phone?

Officially you cannot use two WhatsApp accounts in one smartphone. But some companies like Xiaomi, Samsung.. now offer ‘DUAL APPS’ or ‘DUAL MODE’ feature which allows users to run two different accounts of the same chat app.

Can I use WhatsApp for internationally calling for free?

Voice calling lets you call your contacts using WhatsApp for free, even if they’re in another country.

What is the difference between WhastApp Messenger and WhastApp Business?

One of the main things that distinguish WhatsApp Business vs Personal is the creation of a business profile. Unlike a standard profile, it will include details for your business, contact information, and you can even have a catalog of your products and services.