Weather Underground

Weather is one of the most important things someone needs to know about before leaving their house or to make plans for the following days. With Weather Underground, you will receive hourly updates about your closest weather station, but you don’t have to worry as the app is connected to over 250.000 personal weather stations from all over the world!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Weather Underground

  • People will get alerts not only about the weather but also about other important climate changes that can happen in a day.
  • Weather Underground offers an amazing way to stay tuned about weather changes as it will give users hourly updates about what’s happening.
  • Users will have other geographical data that other apps in the world will not provide to people, like UV index, air quality index, among other features.
  • Weather Underground can be easily customized to provide users a more personal experience depending on how they want to do it.
  • Weather Underground offers something that no other app does, giving the chance to use interactive weather maps.
  • People can be safe about the information provided by Weather Underground thanks to the different alliances it has.

Some FAQ of Weather Underground

Is Weather Underground a free app?

Weather Underground is a freemium app. People can use it for free, but there are some features that need payment.

Is Weather Underground accurate?

Yes! Actually Weather Underground is one of the most accurate weather apps can use.

Can I use Weather Underground app offline?

Yes! Weather Underground will give you information even if you are offline.

Why Weather Underground is so popular?

Weather Underground has become quite popular thanks to how accurate it is, and due to the amazing features, it offers to users.