Imagine if there’s a way for you to buy wine directly from your phone without needing to go to a store. And what if we tell you that now you can get access to one of the best wines apps that are in the world? With Vivino, you will not only have the chance to buy wine but also post reviews about their favorite wines, get recommendations, know wine prices, and more.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Vivino

  • People can simply take a photo of a wine label or a restaurant wine list to get more information about them.
  • Once people have identified a wine, they will get access to ratings, reviews, prices, and other important information in the app.
  • People can purchase wine bottles directly from Vivino, they have a huge catalog of wines available for its users.
  • People can save the wines they like the most in order to discover new recommendations about new products.
  • Vivino is available in over 17 markets worldwide, so you don’t need to worry about not having the opportunity to use the app when traveling.
  • People can easily compare different wines directly on the app, no need to buy them both.
  • Vivino is used by wine professionals that tend to leave a review of the what they drank, so people will know how the wine tastes before buying it.

Some FAQ of Vivino

How do Vivino ratings work?

Ratings on Vivino work in a similar way as other ratings in different apps. People can rate a wine from 1 to 5 stars depending on how good it is, and the app will save that information.

Can I buy wine on Vivino?

Yes! People can buy wine from Vivino from 17 different countries.

What can you do with Vivino app?

People can buy wine, read wine reviews, learn more about wine, and more things related to the wine.

Can I get Vivino app for free?

Yes! Everyone can download Vivino for free.