Video editions should be something that people enjoy, and thanks to VivaVideo, people now will really enjoy editing their videos! VivaVideo is without a doubt one of the most impressive apps out there: you can cut your videos, make them shorter, or even mix them, all in a single place and with different effects that only VivaVideo have available for their users!

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Some important characteristics you should know about VivaVideo

  • VivaVideo offers unique features that will let people edit their videos like professionals thanks to countless tools.
  • VivaVideo was developed by different Android bloggers, which means that they worked hard in making a powerful video editor.
  • People who are editing their videos can add different things to them, like photos or videos.
  • There’s a PRO subscription to the app that features a lot more characteristics than in the base app.
  • People can choose how they want their videos to come out of the app; whether they are complete or if they want to get the videos in different pieces.
  • VivaVideo will always keep the quality of the video, which is great for people who want their videos to stay in HQ.
  • Videos that are created in VivaVideo can be directly shared to different social media platforms.

Some FAQ of VivaVideo

Is VivaVideo safe?

Yes, VivaVideo is one of the safest video editors in the world.

What is VivaVideo used for?

VivaVideo is used for video editing, in a professional and amateur way.

Does VivaVideo cost money?

No, but people can buy a subscription to the app if they want to unlock more features.

Does VivaVideo have watermark?

Sadly, yes. While using the free version people will get the VivaVideo watermark on their videos.