Videos have become something that is quite important for people from all over the world. What if an app is created for the solid purpose of giving people what they need in a single place? That’s exactly what Vimeo wanted. With the Vimeo app now you will have the chance to share videos, follow channels, and connect with other people from all over the world.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Vimeo

  • Vimeo meant to have the best videos on the platform. That’s why most of the videos are uploaded with a 1080 HD quality.
  • People can stream live videos or they can see the content people have previously uploaded.
  • Vimeo allows users to save videos from their platform to stream them offline whenever users want.
  • Vimeo works well with devices similar to the Chromecast, meaning that users have the chance to stream their favorite content from their TV.
  • People can create their own content and upload it to Vimeo to connect with other users.
  • People can manage their video settings, that way they can put more privacy into it if needed. Also, they can choose who to share their videos with.
  • With Vimeo, users can access their videos and saved collections no matter where they are.
  • Users can directly follow people in Vimeo to get a more customized feed with the things they truly want to see.

Some FAQ of Vimeo

What is Vimeo used for?

Vimeo is used for people to stream content. People can watch all kinds of videos on the platform while also connecting with other users as Vimeo is considered a social media platform.

Is it free to watch videos on Vimeo?

Yes, people can watch as many videos as they want on Vimeo.

Do you need an account to watch Vimeo?

Yes! Anyone can watch content on Vimeo, but once someone wants to upload content to the platform, they will need an account.

How do I follow someone on Vimeo?

You can do it by typing their email in the app. Once they receive the invitation, you will be connected with them on Vimeo.