Vegas Crime Simulator

Become a famous gangster in a whole new city! Make your own strategy, pave your way up to the top of the Las Vegas gangster emporium, and create your own gangster history with the help of different allies in this new and immersive 3D adventure that will give your countless hours of fun with unique challenges for you to prove your worthiness.

Some important characteristics you should know about Vegas Crime Simulator

  • The game focuses on different missions that will take people to an upside-down history to become a respected gangster.
  • Drive as many vehicles as you want and explore the whole world while expanding your power.
  • You need to learn how to use every in-game mechanics to gain more power.
  • Customize your character with tons of different clothes and powers you can buy inside the game.
  • You can choose which side you will support: Will you be with the bad guys or with the good ones?
  • Use countless weapons to destroy your enemies!

Some FAQ of Vegas Crime Simulator