UPS Mobile

Managing your packages should be something easy to do. There are different ways to do it, but there’s a method to make things much easier. Simply download the UPS app and you will get access to an app where you will have the power to track your packages, stay updated with news about UPS, and even find the nearest store in case you need to go to send a package.

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Some important characteristics you should know about UPS Mobile

  • UPS Mobile app allows its users to easily find and follow all the packages that are in transit.
  • People can easily change delivery location or change the delivery date in case someone needs it.
  • UPS Mobile will send users notifications once the package has arrived and is ready for pick up.
  • UPS Mobile app added an in-app calculator that is used to calculate delivery costs.
  • Users will have the chance to know how much will a package take for it to arrive at a determined city thanks to the app.
  • People can easily measure the dimensions of a package thanks to the measurement tool.
  • UPS Mobile allows its users to create and prepare shipping packages without needing to go to an office.

Some FAQ of UPS Mobile

How do I scan a barcode with UPS?

People simply need to open the camera and put the barcode in front of it. Once its done, the scanning process will be done.

How do I track a UPS parcel?

People can easily scan a barcode to track a UPS parcel, or they can put the tracking number that is given to users.

Is UPS and USPS the same?

No! They are two completely different companies.

Can UPS scan a printed QR code?

Yes! With the camera of your cellphone, you can scan all kinds of QR codes, whether they are printed or not.