Enjoy the classic card game with friends and family from all over the world on this new and amazing experience from UNO! New modes, new graphics, new features, everything is waiting for you! Use UNO! wherever you are, whenever you want, and get tons of fun with this classic game that is now waiting for you to enjoy all it’s new features!

Some important characteristics you should know about UNO!

  • You can choose different game modes to have fun with friends, family, and people from all over the world.
  • People can use their Bitmojis in the game whenever they want to.
  • Create private rooms to invite family and friends to a unique match.
  • Create or join clubs in UNO! to get unique rewards from other people.
  • Meet the new Go Wild mode where you can get more rewards while playing with new rules.
  • There are tons of tournaments available in the whole world for people to enjoy.
  • You can play with the IA to practice your skills.

Some FAQ of UNO!

Can you play UNO! on computer?

Yes. You can play UNO! on your PC if you have an internet connection.

Can you play two cards at once in UNO!?

Yes! With new rules added in UNO! now you can play two cards at once in this new game.

Why is UNO! so popular?

UNO! is one of the most popular card games in the whole world. People have been enjoying it for more than 10 years and now, with their mobile phones, people can have even more fun!