Looking for a new home might be something that is a bit hard to do. But what if there’s a way to make things much easier for you? You can now get into your phone and start looking for the right place you need thanks to Trulia. Get more information about the place you want to move to, and even find tons of information that will be useful for you before taking a decision!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Trulia

  • Trulia offers people the chance to browse through hundreds of different neighborhoods where they will be able to look at information such as crime rates, near schools, and more.
  • People can get to know more about the place where they are about to live thanks to original and recent photos, stories from other neighbors, and videos to show the place.
  • Trulia truly worries about the people, so they will try to have as many reviews as possible from people living in different neighborhoods.
  • People can connect with Trulia agents that will help them find the right place for them to move on.
  • People can save the places they like the most to watch them in the future to get more information about them.
  • Trulia allows its users to filter what they want to find easily with over 30 different filters.
  • Trulia will send notifications to its users when the price of a house drops down, or with new recommendations.

Some FAQ of Trulia

What can I do on Trulia app?

People can find their dream house, or even the next place that they will rent, everything with a simple click. Also, Trulia allows its users to know about things that are near them, such as schools, markets, and more.

Can I trust Trulia?

Yes. Trulia has proven to be one of the safest real estate apps that have ever existed.

How accurate are Trulia estimates?

Trulia has proven to be almost 100% accurate about its estimations, making it one of the most accurate apps in the real state area.

Do I have to pay to use Trulia app?

No. Trulia is a free-to-use app, it can be used for free for as long as people wants to.