Tor Browser

Browsing on the internet can be sometimes something hard to do. People can get their information stolen, get into strange websites where they can get into trouble, and more. Tor has taken all that and has created one of the most powerful browsers in the world. With Tor, people will have the chance to browse on the internet without worrying who will watch them or what will happen to them.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Tor Browser

  • Tor is prepared to block pages or people who want to track down information from your PC.
  • Third-party trackers nor ads will show up while you are using Tor Browser, cookies will also disappear when browsing.
  • Tor defends its users against surveillance, meaning that no one will have the chance to monitor what you are going online.
  • Tor looks for every single user to be basically, the same. This means that no user can be tracked down while using it.
  • As Tor intends to be a safe browser, it has improved the multi-layered encryption that it uses.
  • Tor has different servers around the world, thus why the multi-encryption works so well.
  • Tor is intended to be used as a PC browser, but people can now use it on mobile devices as well.

Some FAQ of Tor Browser

Is it safe to install Tor Browser?

Yes. Tor has proven to be one of the safest browsers on the internet.

What are the main features of Tor Browser?

Tor has some quality features that everyone will love to have. It basically has an enhanced VPN service, an ad blocker, it can’t track users, and more.

Is Tor a fast browser?

Yes. Tor has proven to be one of the fastest browsers nowadays. In the past, the browser was a bit slow but this improved in the last years.

Can I get Tor Browser for free?

Yes. Tor is completely free for everyone.