Having problems when organizing yourself or others? No more with Todoist! Find an easy way to collaborate with others in a pretty easy way, or make yourself a more organized person thanks to the Todoist features that will let you work alongside other applications like Gmail or Slack.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Todoist

  • Todoist will let you organize tasks in a pretty easy way.
  • Forgetting deadlines is a past history thanks to friendly reminders and due dates.
  • Organize your projects or tasks on boards with a kanban style.
  • Create your own methods thanks to recurring due dates that will let you improve your organization.
  • Create priority levels that will allow you to complete tasks in important order.
  • Work alongside applications like Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon, and many others.
  • People will get the chance to track their progress thanks to personalized productivity trends.
  • People can get Todoist on a lot of different devices which is great to keep an eye on tasks at every moment of the day.

Some FAQ of Todoist

Why is Todoist so popular?

Todoist has become a pretty popular app as it has become the solution for a lot of people’s issues. It has helped people improve their organization levels while also helping projects to grow thanks to tidy panels.

Is Todoist a safe app?

Yes. Todoist is a pretty safe app to use.

Is Todoist premium version worth the money?

Todoist premium is a pretty awesome option for organizations, but people can use the standard version as it will more than enough for a single person.

Can I use Todoist offline?

No. You will need an internet connection to use Todoist.