Do you want to know new people? Thanks to Tinder, you will be able to know new friends, your future boyfriend or girlfriend, or to live new adventures. Download and install it on your device and start getting “match” with other people around you. Tinder is the most used dating app in the world. More than 10 thousand millions of people use this app at the present, and you should use it too.

Some important characteristics you should know about Tinder

• Thanks to your location (GPS) you will be able to know new people around you. In addition, you can establish a maximum distance.
• Tinder will allow you to find hundreds of Tinder users close to you, in your own city or close to it.
• Tinder has two version, the free version and the premium paid version.
• You must be 18 years old and you have to upload your own pictures. In addition, you have to confirm your identity using your telephone number. Therefore, this is a safe app.
• Talk to the people thanks to the integrated chat before you meet face to face. Thus, you will be able to be more comfortable with that person when you see each other.

Some FAQ about Tinder

Why should I use Tinder in order to know new people?

It is a very good option if you are timid and you cannot establish a conversation face to face. In addition, it is a free app and there are millions of people using this app. This app allows you to know people with the same interests and likes as you. Moreover, you can talk to new person before you decide to meet in person or give her/his your telephone number or any social network.

Why should I take into account when using Tinder?

It is important to share some personal information, such as your interests and some pictures of you, thus people will know you before someone decides to establish a conversation. Have in mind this app is like a social network (although more private and intimate), so people like knowing who the other person is.

Why is Tinder that popular?

It is popular because more than 10 thousand millions of people use it. In addition, Tinder provides you the chance of meeting new people, and, who know, maybe you find your beloved one.

What do people think about Tinder?

People like this app because they can always find interesting people, such as friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend or even an interesting adventure. The problem appears when you talk to a fake profile, so you have to pay attention to it.

In conclusion

Thanks to Tinder, you will be able to know new people, but have in mind and pay attention to the fake profiles. In addition, Tinder allows you to use filters in order to find people according to your preferences. Therefore, you should try this app and, who knows, maybe you will not regret.