Tiles Hop

It’s time to hop and hop! Enjoy the magical adventure of hopping through a completely unknown world while following the rhythm of the music! Prove how good you can be when jumping around as a small ball and show people how good your rhythm while lasting longer than any other players. It’s time for you to become a master hopper and a music lover!

Some important characteristics you should know about Tiles Hop

  • Almost every song that you can find in Tiles Hop is a song that you most likely heard in the past.
  • People will need to prove how skillful they are in order to complete the different levels.
  • Every single level is different, as the tiles will vary depending on the song’s rhythm.
  • People can upload their favorite songs in order to have more fun while playing as they will listen to the music they like.
  • Controllers are easy to use as there is only one way to control the ball: touching your screen.
  • The game has an amazing 3D atmosphere that is combined with similar effects since the beginning.
  • People can play with up to different 20 backgrounds as it will provide a better gaming experience.
  • People can customize their ball with unlockable skins to change the game a bit.

Some FAQ of Tiles Hop

Can I play Tiles Hop for free?

Yes. People can play Tiles Hop for free but they will need to get used to the ads.

How do you play your own songs on Tiles Hop?

You will need to upload your songs first. Once they are uploaded, you will be able to pick them up in the menu and all will be set up.

What are the diamonds for on Tiles Hop?

Diamonds are used to buy more content in Tiles Hop. There are also some diamonds that appear in the middle of the game, but that means you got a perfect move while playing.

Does Tiles Hop need Wi-Fi?

No. People can play Tiles Hop offline if they want to.