TikTok is a very popular social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The difference between Tiktok and those other is that in this application all the shared content is videos. It was firstly used by teenagers, but now, even our uncles and parents have accounts on this application. Basically, it is a social network of videos. The duration of the audiovisuals must be a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute.

Download TikTok for PC


Download TikTok for Mobile


Steps to download TikTok in Android

Step 1. Go to the Play Store and in the search bar type “TikTok”. Then go to the application page. You can also use the “Android link” above to access it directly.

Step 2. Tap the “Install” button.

Step 3. Accept the permissions. A window will open informing you that the application will need information from other applications in order to work. You must tap on “Accept”.

Step 4. Tiktok will automatically start downloading to your mobile. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the download time may vary.

That’s all. You already have TikTok on your cell phone; now you just need to enter the application and read the following section to properly use this new social network.

Steps to use it properly

Using it is very simple, but you must keep in mind that publishing very funny and eye-catching videos is going to take practice. As you become more familiar with all the editing features, you will soon be able to post videos that are very appealing to your friends and family.

Step 1. To join TikTok you must create a user. You can link your Facebook, Google, or Instagram account, but you can also add a new email and password.

Step 2. The first thing you can do inside the app is follow other people, such as friends, family, and strangers, just as any social network. In the Home menu you have the suggestions “For you”, and in the “Trends” section you can see what is being talked about, or you can also write a specific name.

Step 3. Like all social networks, interaction is the source of power. If you see a video of another person, you can hit the “Like” button (heart icon), you can leave a comment (dialogue bubble), and you can also share it on another social network with “Share”. If a video has an audio that you liked, you can look for other videos that have the same audio or music, using the disc icon. Finally, the “TikTok” icon can be tapped if you want to go to the profile of the author of that video.

Some application functions

Okay, the main function of this application is to make short videos. That’s it. Most of the videos created and shared in this application are very funny, which is why its use has become much more popular since the pandemic situation.

Quite simple, isn’t it? Although you can find everything: cooking video tutorials, memes, musical performances, success stories, etc.

In TikTok you can record videos and share them for everyone to see; you can share them with friends and family, even strangers would see them on their cell phones.

But what really adds value to this application is the enormous range of edits we can make to our videos.

The application has many options to edit and configure your videos before, during, and after the recording, to publish more attractive results or to cause a better impact on the viewers.

You can add stickers, effects, texts and emojis, also filters similar to those of Snatchap or Instagram Story. You can also play with the speed of the video (in order to make it play at a slower or faster speed). Another function provided by the app is to retouch some areas of the video, for example, to improve your face with makeup, or make subtle modifications to your eyes, lips, and nose.

Now, we must also highlight the functions of music or dialogues. You can add music tracks to the videos in the “Sounds” option; the great thing is that you will have a fairly large amount of audios.

Finally, another function that the application offers is to save your videos in “Drafts”. This is useful for making very elaborate videos, such as changes of clothes, changes of scenery, changes of people, montages and, of course, the creation of the well-known transitions. Every veteran Tiktoker knows how to make smooth and fluid transitions; that’s the complexity of how this app works.

You can always look for a video saved in “Drafts” and continue recording it or editing it. Of course, as long as the video does not reach the 1 minute length.