Do you think that your conversations are being read by someone else and you don’t know exactly who that is? Well, maybe everyone out there has had that feeling in the past, but thanks to Threema, that’s something you can now forget about thanks to what this app offers. With it, you can say hello to the security chatting world that it has available for its users.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Threema

  • Threema was built to generate as minimal data as possible from people who use the app.
  • Threema gives people total security on what they send through the app, all the files and messages are secured.
  • People who use Threema don’t need to worry about their personal information being stolen, the app will always protect it.
  • If a user decides to use Threema, it will generate different encryption keys to keep local copies safe.
  • People using Thremma won’t need to worry about it being a boring app, it will allow them to customize it a bit.
  • People can sync their contacts to Threema in a matter of seconds to keep them stored on the app as well.
  • Threema allows users to create group chats in order to enhance communication between people.
  • Threema has a light and dark theme, and people can choose which one they want to choose.
  • The app has no ads nor trackers added to it, so people can stay safe while using it.

Some FAQ of Threema

Is Threema a safe app?

Yes, it is actually one of the safest apps out there that people can use.

What is Threema used for?

Threema is a messaging app, meaning that people use it to communicate with their family and friends.