If you want to become a professional chef or you just simply want to surprise everyone in your house with an amazing recipe, the Tasty app will help you to make it possible! Tasty is famous for giving people the chance to create amazing recipes and letting people explain them to you step-by-step. And the best of all is that you can get it completely for free!

Some important characteristics you should know about Tasty

  • People can browse for recipes depending on what they are planning to do, or depending on the difficulty of the recipe.
  • People will have direct access to the Tasty videos before they reach other social media platforms.
  • All the Tasty recipes will have step-by-step instructions on how to cook their dishes with extreme details.
  • Tasty will keep people’s phones active so they don’t need to worry about the mobile shutting down while cooking.
  • Once you start searching for different recipes, Tasty will start to give recommendations for the upcoming meals.
  • Tasty focuses on giving recommendations for every single user they possibly have, so you can find vegetarian recipes as well.
  • People can filter what they want to see on the app, so they can find faster the recipe they want to make.
  • Even though Tasty has the U.S. metrics, the app also created a feature where people from all over the world can use it.

Some FAQ of Tasty

Who owns Tasty?

Tasty is owned by a famous company named BuzzFeed that is based in the United States.

Why is Tasty so popular?

Tasty has become quite popular due to the huge amount of recipes it offers to people. Also, the videos they create to show their recipes are pretty addictive, which is a plus for its popularity!

What is Tasty app used for?

Tasty is used for finding recipes and detailed tutorials. Also, people can create meal plans for everyone!

Is Tasty app free?

Yes! People can get access to Tasty for free.