Sword Master Story

If you are a huge anime fan and you haven’t found a game worth playing then it’s time to say hello to Sword Master Story! With an incredible anime-like design thanks to the collaboration with Konosuba we can now get into a whole new incredible RPG game that will be for sure a game that most people want to play!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Sword Master Story:

  • Sword Master Story is a strategy game mixed with a hack and slash system.
  • There are over 40 different heroes to choose from in this fantastic game.
  • People can join clubs and defend their territory against invaders and other enemies.
  • There are weekly challenges for people to enjoy that have unique rewards.
  • Get over 50 different weapons and spells to deal with tons of enemies and bosses!
  • Play against people from all over the world and prove who’s the strongest player in the game!

Some FAQ of Sword Master Story

How can I rebirth a character in Sword Master Story?

You will need to upgrade all your characters to the max level and you will have the chance to rebirth one of the characters inside the game.

Is Sword Master Story a free app?

Yes. There are some buys inside the game but you don’t need to pay for them if you don’t want to.

Why Sword Master Story is so popular?

This game has become quite popular thanks to the anime-like design filled with an incredible RPG system that people have been falling in love with. Also, thanks to partnerships, it is one of the biggest strategy games out there.

Can I play Sword Master Story offline?

No. This game will always need an internet connection so take your precautions.