VPNs allow you to surf the internet privately and securely, and in 2021 Surfshark has been characterized as the best. Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to surf the internet and feel that your data is being protected? Surfshark is the perfect option for you, so don’t hesitate to make use of this amazing tool.

Download Surfshark for PC


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Some important characteristics you should know about Surfshark

  • This VPN has global servers, so it can be available for a large number of countries.
  • Surfshark has an option that disconnects the internet when the VPN is down in order to protect your data.
  • It allows you to hide your IP address, so you can keep your privacy maintained with this tool.
  • You can connect different devices to the same SurfShark account.
  • This tool features a system that does not cause the device to slow down.

Some FAQ of Surfshark

Can you have multiple devices on Surfshark?

Yes! With a single Surfshark account you can connect as many Android devices as you want.

How do you know if Surfshark is working?

It’s simple, usually, when SurfShark stops working, your internet can be disconnected.

Can Surfshark be trusted?

Yes, Surfshark uses different information encryption, even the application will not know what you are doing online.

How do I make Surfshark connect automatically?

Through its configuration options, you can make it connect automatically.