Super Mario Run

We all know that, Super Mario Bross is a video game that is characterized by having a kind of repetitive game mode in general. In other words, all its games are the same type. However, there are certain of these video games that present a different modality, without sticking too much to its original idea. In this case, Super Mario Run is a very similar videogame to his originals.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Super Mario Run

  • Super Mario Run is the next big Nintendo franchise to come to mobile and following on from the success of Pokémon GO. Super Mario Run is not your typical Mario game.
  •  Everything is familiar: the enemies, the characters, the coin-collecting, but the way to play is totally different.
  • Super Mario Run features a (surprisingly squat) version of the plumber you know and love, but it has been retooled to suit mobile.
  • All Mario’s moves, even the complicated acrobatic ones, are just a combination of taps, and though you probably will not be able to do much more than the regular jump at the star. Super Mario Run will only ever require one hand and, mostly, just one finger.

Some FAQ about Super Mario Run

Can I play Super Mario Run with friends?

Super Mario Run has a competitive, multiplayer mode. You can play with someone over the internet, and they will show up in your run as a ghost.

Does Super Mario Run need an Internet connection?

Yes, you will need a constant internet connection. You cannot play it offline. Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first real mobile game, was released for the iPhone and iPad.

Is Super Mario Run worth downloading?

Players start to download the app; social media reaction is not just about game play – but whether the price of the full game is worth it.

Do I need to pay to play Super Mario Run?

The free version is limited to just three levels. To unlock the full game, players need to pay.