If you don’t have enough time to go and buy tickets for an event, then you can make things much easier with StubHub, an app that is prepared to make things much easier for people. In case you want to buy tickets for an event, you can now make it through StubHub and you won’t need to leave your house in the first place, simply buy and wait for your tickers to arrive!

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Some important characteristics you should know about StubHub

  • People can connect their StubHub account to their Spotify account in order to get personalized recommendations according to what they listen to.
  • People can connect with other friends who are also connected on StubHub, making it much easier to make plans together.
  • StubHub will show venues maps before someone buys a ticket for an event so they can see where they will be located.
  • In case people have a hard time choosing a side on the venue they can use the virtual venue view to make things easier.
  • People can use the Google Pay feature that is included on the app, but this is only available at U.S events.
  • StubHub tickets don’t need to be printed, people can simply show them before the event without any inconvenience.
  • People can synchronize StubHub with the Wear OS device in order to see everything that’s happening on the app in an easier way.
  • StubHub allows its users to manage the tickets they have previously purchased on the app. Also, people can re-sell tickets if needed.

Some FAQ of StubHub

Can I trust StubHub to buy tickets?

Yes. StubHub is an app that can be trusted when buying tickets for different events.

What is StubHub used for?

StubHub is used mainly to buy tickets, but people can also use it to re-sell tickets when needed.