Do you like to play sports? Strava is an ideal application for those who go running, cycling or do outdoor sports. Track your pulse, pace, calories and distance traveled, participate in challenges, follow your activity with statistics and information about it, take photos to remember your workouts, train accompanied and compete with your friends. This is the most complete application for an athlete.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Strava

  • Strava is a activity sharing website
  • Strava allows users to track and upload  their rides and runs using GPS data, including GPS tracked route displayed on a map, distance, speed, power output and heart rate.
  • Strava users can sign up for a variety of motivational challenges.
  • Strava has revolutionised  in many ways in which cyclists can communicate and compare their offers.
  • By using Strava’s app on a smartphone or via a third-party GPS bike computer, as well as those from Garmin
  • You can create and share a route on Strava
  • Strava’s service allows millions of cyclists to connect with each other.

Some FAQ about Strava

What devices work with Strava?

Strava is compatible with sport and smartwatches and bike computer.

Can you sync Strava and Fitbit?

Fitbit activities can be automaticlly be sync with Strava.

Does Strava use a lot of battery?

As general guideline, modern phones recording more than 5 hours activitys. Turn off parts of the phone that are not necessary during your ride to save more battery power.