Stopwatch and Timer

How many times have you needed a stopwatch or timer and didn’t have it handy? Stopwatch and Timer is a useful, simple and reliable application, which has been chosen by millions of people since 2009. You will be able to customize the stopwatch and timer with several different aspects, such as colors or fonts. Thanks to its full screen and large digits, the application becomes much more usable.

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 Some important characteristics you should know about Stopwatch and Timer

  • Stopwatch and Timer are ready to read thanks to the full-screen mode and large digits that are shown.
  • People have the chance to see notifications without needing to enter the app to see what’s going on.
  • Stopwatch and Timer let you remember the last 3 countdowns that you used to get a quick re-use option.
  • People can customize their app in order to get a more personal use thanks to the color and fonts that are available in the menu option.
  • People can use the Timer for up to 99 hours and use it for whatever they want to.
  • While using, people can rename their alarms and laps in order to know what tasks they are doing in specific moments.
  • Stopwatch and Timer data can be exported to people’s email in a pretty fast way in order to get better performance.

Some FAQ of Stopwatch and Timer

Can I download Stopwatch and Timer for free?

Yes. People can download it for free.

Why is Stopwatch and Timer that popular?

Stopwatch and Timer is an app that is used to set alarms, use timers, and many other tasks.

What features do Stopwatch and Timer include?

People can use it for timers, stopwatches, alarms, export files from it, and many others.

What do people think about Stopwatch and Timer?

People think is a pretty useful app thanks to how many features it has. Also, it is a perfect option for people who wants to upgrade their performance when training.