Do you want to create your own website in order to manage your brand, company, or personal store? Then, you might be looking for a solution that is not hard to use and that will let you get access to different features in the same place. Thanks to Squarespace, all this will be possible and you will also get access to a lot more features that you never imagined seeing!

Some important characteristics you should know about Squarespace

  • People can use Squarespace for different tasks, such as building a brand or a personal store.
  • People can edit their store through the Squarespace app to add new content to it.
  • Squarespace will give people the chance to review their website analytics through the app.
  • People can make adjustments to their websites depending on the analytics shown by the app.
  • Squarespace allows users to upload photos and videos to the app directly from the phone.
  • People can easily post new content with their phones, and they can also edit old content.
  • Thanks to Squarespace, people will get the chance to learn more about the audience and make improvements thanks to that.
  • People can easily manage their store inventory in case they need to add products, update prices, and more.
  • People can set up different customized messages for their clients to see when contacting the store.

Some FAQ of Squarespace

Can you turn a Squarespace website into an app?

Yes! It is a feature that Squarespace added to the app and that is pretty useful for its users.

Can I use Squarespace on my phone?

Yes. There’s an app that is available for Android and iOS.

What is Squarespace used for?

Squarespace is an app that is used to create and manage e-commerces.

Is Squarespace free to use?

Squarespace gives users a 14-days trial for free, after that, people must have to pay to use the app.