What if doctors and patients work together to make be on an app that works well for both of them? Spruce combined both of them in order to make them feel safe by staying in one app that will let them do anything they need. Make a medical appointment, contact your doctor, collaborate with your health team to help others, and there’s even more that can be done with Spruce!

Some important characteristics you should know about Spruce

  • Those who want to use Spruce will need to get an invitation link from a doctor who uses the app.
  • People using Spruce can get access to secure messaging and video visits with their doctors.
  • Doctors will have access to a business phone line in order to use it with their patients.
  • Spruce will immediately transcript all the voicemails that are received through the app.
  • Spruce allows users to communicate with their team in order to make work faster and better.
  • Doctors can schedule messages in order for them to be sent whenever is needed to.
  • People can get access to different templates on the app in order to give faster answers to their patients.
  • The app is completely free for patients, they don’t need to pay a cent for it.

Some FAQ of Spruce

How does the Spruce app work?

Spruce works in different ways. Depending on if you are a patient or a doctor, it will give you access to different features in the app.

What is Spruce used for?

People use it to contact doctors, and doctors use it to work with their team, to take notes, send messages, make appointments, and more.

Is Spruce app free?

It is free for patients, but doctors have to pay a 24$ dollar fee per month once the free trial is over.

Is the Spruce app worth it?

Yes! Spruce is truly worth for both, doctors and patients.