Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run

Have you seen the movie Spies in Disguise? This game is based on this hit movie. There are two game modes: missions, where you will have to complete objectives to earn rewards, and enless fun, where you will race and compete on an endless track. You will play with the same characters from the movie: Lance Sterling, Walter Beckett, Marcy Kappel and Eyes. Run through scenarios based on the movie and immerse yourself in the world of Spies in Disguise.

Some important characteristics you should know about Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run

  • Players can choose from Lancer Sterling, Walter Beckett or Marcy Kappel as they enjoy all the wild exploits present in this new mobile endless runner.
  • Each character has access to two variations, which means you really have six playable runners to select from. Each one of those characters and their additional variation has an active ability you can utilize during the running segments, plus two passive abilities.
  • You are going to have to be attentive as possible while you collect all types of helpful items, jump, and slide over/under all sorts of baddies and obstacles, and even zip across three lanes while sitting in a slick automobile.
  • You should run over green boost panels since they will help you jump extra high over obstacles or run through them all together.
  • Video ads are your best friend in Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run, so make them work for you every time they pop up.

Some FAQ of Amazon Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run

Is Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run based on an animated film?

Yes, this game based on the hit animated film Spies in Disguise!

Why should I download Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run?

Once you see the movie, you will love spending more time with the three main characters. The mobile game also features opportunities to compete for weekly rewards by aligning with one of the super-secret spy agencies. This game is a little addicting.

Why is Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run that popular?

The game is just like the movie is great how they added Tom Holland and will Smith’s voices into the game so accurate to the movie. This game is highly recommended to everybody who is fan of the movie. Taking deep inspiration from the box office smash Spies in Disguise, this game leaves a lasting impression on every player, thanks to its useless story, clunky controls, and constant 10 frames per second gameplay, which truly allows the player to become fully immersed in Lance Sterling’s world.

What do people think about Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run?

People say the game is cool and it is super fun. This mobile game and the movie were both Awesome and incredible. With great graphics and smooth-running techniques.