Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

The mythical and classic Sonic game now on your mobile device! Your mission will be to save the world from the evil plans of Dr. Eggman. Run through the classic Sonic scenarios and collect rings. You will have to run through eight worlds, each composed of three different stages. You will also have the option to play against the clock, to increase the fun.

Download Sonic the Hedgehog Classic for PC


Download Sonic the Hedgehog Classic for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

  • The game is practically identical to the original: you have got to trek through eight worlds made up of three levels each in your attempt to get back the jewels from the chaotic clutches of Dr. Eggman/Robotnik.
  • The game is free-to-play, meaning you will simply see a few ads in the start menu. Once you start playing there are no banners or anything of the sort to slow down your experience.
  • The game makes up part of the so-called SEGA Forever line, a series of games for mobile devices officially released by the company that are both identical in gameplay to the originals and offer the chance to customize the touch controls and even save your progress at any time.
  • Challenge your friends in the new Time Attack Mode and check out how you rank with Leaderboards and Achievements.

Some FAQ of Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Can Sonic talk?

No, the classic Sonic will be as quiet as he was in his 1991.

Who is Sonic’s girlfriend?

The pink hedgehog Amy Rose.

Why are Sonic games so popular?

Sonic’s speed was arguably one of the main reasons the game became popular.  The main perk Sonic has is that he can reach supersonic speed and curl into a high-velocity ball after he is run long enough. It was possible to beat a Sonic game level super-fast. Apart from the obvious advantage of the speed that the character has, there are hidden pathways on the map that allow you to skip the boring parts of it.

What do people think about Sonic the Hedgehog Classic?

All sonic fans rom 1991 say that this game is a perfect remake of the original sonic the hedgehog. They did a good job with this port!  It is hard but a simple, old game! There is Infinite fun. But the ads are annoying.