Snapchat is a social network used in order to share pictures, chat with friends, have fun and so on. Snapchat is a good and very safe social network, since it has a very incredible system of security. Therefore, do not worry about your privacy and security. Make new frriends and communicate with new people thanks to this app.

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Some important characteristics of Snapchat

• You will be able to eliminate chats whenever you want, even after having been read. Modify the time of elimination in order to eliminate chats automatically.
• You can also eliminates pictures and videos whenever you want. In addition, there exist a timer in order to allow Snapchat to eliminate pictures and videos automatically. Moreover, Snapchat will tell you when someone has recorded the screen or taken a screenshot.
• Snapchat will also tell you if the picture or video someone has sent comes from his/her gallery or is a picture taken at the moment.
• Snapchat will show the location of your friends in real time.
• Like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Snapchat also allows people to share his/her status. You will be able to see status of public profiles around the world. In addition, you will also see status of famous people.

Some FAQ about Snapchat

How safe is Snapchat?

At present, there are no programs or tips in order to skip the privacy policy of Snapchat. Furthermore, none will be able to take a screenshot of your pictures or videos, so do not stress out and feel confident, nobody will be able to keep your pictures or videos you have sent. Recently, Snapchat has improved its privacy and security by fixing some security poblems.

What is a better social network, Snapchat or Whatsapp?

Each social networks works differently and it is used differently too. However, Snapchat is safer and more secure than WhatsApp once you send any personal file to your contacts. In addition, Whatsapp works thanks to a telephone number, consequently, it is easier to find your friends or family members, and add new contacts to this social network.

Can I use Snapchat from my PC?

Officially, you cannot use Snapchat on a PC, since this app is made to be used on Android or iOS devices. Anyway, there are some unofficial apps and tips in order to use Snapchat on a PC, but there are some problems:
• It may not work perfectly.
• It may damage your privacy and security.
• As it is not made for PC, its use may be negatively affected.

In conclusion

Clearly, Snapchat evinces interest in your privacy and security because the developers of Snapchat know that your privacy is very important. In addition, you will be able to contact with your friend and family member, and you can even know new people.
However, have in mind; do not install third party apps because it could affect negatively your privacy and security, as well as you should clean your possible viruses.