Smartwatch Wear OS

Wear OS is Google’s application to get the most out of your smartwatch. It will be your ideal companion for fitness, while having the maximum Google functionalities included, such as mail, calendar, Maps, even calls and messages. You can train while listening to your favorite music. Choose your Wear OS smartwatch and set the trend.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Wear OS

  • Google is well known for its mobile operating system, Android, which it loads onto its own phones and allows other companies to adopt on their smartphones. With Wear OS, Google has adapted Android for smartwatches.
  • The Wear 2.0 build brought Google Assistant, standalone apps, Google Pay, expanded watch faces, new input methods, improved fitness tracking, new functionality for iPhone users, and a new design.
  • Wear OS has evolved over the years. Its biggest update, Wear 2.0, arrived in February 2017, though there have been multiple smaller updates since.
  • With Google Assistant, you can check the weather, start a run, set a reminder, control compatible smart home devices and plenty more using your voice.
  •  Google Assistant on Wear OS supports Smart Suggestions too so when you ask Google Assistant a question, it will automatically serve up follow-up questions that are related to the conversation.
  • You can use the Google apps on your Wear OS watch including Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Pay, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Fit, and Google Play Music.

Some FAQ about Wear OS

Does Wear OS by Google work with iPhone?

If it is an iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 9 or later, but it is not the exact same experience as what you’d get using an Android smartphone.

Does Wear OS have Google assistant?

You will need to enable this feature first via the Personalisation menu in Settings on your watch. Another option is to swipe left on your watch face then tap the microphone icon.

Does Google Wear OS track sleep?

Wear OS watchmaker offers built-in sleep tracking for its smartwatches. This feature is part of the Wellness App available on its Gen 5 Wear OS devices.

What apps work with Wear OS?

If you are making use of a Wear OS smartwatch, there are many of applications out there that aim to improve your productivity or offer more functionality for example… Google Maps, Shazam, Google Keep, Google Translate, Phone Battery, Strava.