Do you own a company or are looking for a way to improve the way things are done in your team? You need to put more order into it, and that’s exactly what Smarsheet will provide you. The app is ready to enhance how people work, and it is also the perfect tool to make things easier, like communication and tasks management, all within the same app!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Smartsheet

  • People can create, share, and collaborate with their teams on different projects through the app.
  • Smartsheet users can keep an eye on their projects and how they are going through their mobile or their PC.
  • People can get unique business collaboration tools on their mobile thanks to Smartsheet.
  • People get the chance to review and edit documents that are available on the app.
  • Smartsheet allows users to add important information such as due dates, project followers, checklists, predecessors, and many other things.
  • There are different ways that people can use in order to visualize their projects the way they want the most.
  • People can work alongside other apps, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, as they can use them to share files to Smartsheet.
  • People can use automated updates and approvals that won’t require that users get onto their phone or PC. Also, there are more things that people can automate in the app.

Some FAQ of Smartsheet

What is Smartsheet used for?

Smartsheet is an app that is used by teams in order to improve their performance. People can use it to add documents, deadlines, and many other things.

Is Smartsheet like Excel?

No, they are two completely different apps. Smartsheet is for business managing, while Excel is used for different things.

Is Smartsheet easy to learn?

Kind of. You might think that it is a bit confusing to use, but you will get used to it.

Is Smartsheet app free?

No. People will get access to a 30-days free trial, but after that, they will have to pay for it.