If you want to meet people near you, or who’s around the world, you have the chance to do it with Skout and enjoy all the features it has that are waiting for you to meet them! Get into one of the biggest dating platforms ever created and fall in love with your soulmate, or simply stream someone’s live content and have fun without hurrying to meet new people!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Skout

  • Skout will let you meet people who’s near you, or who’s in a different country, all with a simple click.
  • People can use Skout to broadcast what they are doing in a determined moment to get the chance to meet even more people.
  • Skout can be used as a dating app, but people can simply use it to get new friends from all over the world.
  • People using Skout can choose to meet people with similar preferences, meaning that they don’t have to worry about finding someone who’s the exact opposite to them.
  • Skout has made things easier as people can chat with others in an easier way than in other dating apps.
  • In case you checked someone’s profile and you want to go for a second look in the future, Skout will keep the profile saved.
  • People can get updates from users who are near them, which can increase the chance of meeting someone new.
  • Skout allows users to boost their profile with unique in-app features that will put a profile in the first position in the app.

Some FAQ of Skout

What is Skout app used for?

Skout is used for meeting new people, basically. People can choose if they want to make new friends or simply date someone.

Is Skout a free dating app?

Skout is a freemium app. It means that people can use it for free, but they will have to pay for some features.

Is Skout a safe app?

Yes. Skout has proven to be a safe-to-use dating app.

How does the Skout app work?

Skout works in a similar way as other dating apps. Users need to create their profile, upload some pictures, talk about their preferences, and once it’s done, they can start matching with other users.