Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to walk around a city that you don’t know and having the chance to control things around you? Don’t you think that it would be something cool to do? Well, now you can make it possible thanks to Sketchfab! This amazing app will take you to unreal places thanks to the Virtual Reality technology where you are the one who’s in charge!

Some important characteristics you should know about Sketchfab

  • People who use Sketchfab get immediate access to amazing 3D models, as well as VR and AR models that were created by members of the community.
  • People can explore and touch all the things that are around them thanks to the VR feature.
  • Sketchfab works well with different mobile VR headsets, so no need to worry about it.
  • People can also use AR technology in order to bring the Sketchfab models to “life”.
  • People can follow their favorite Sketchfab creators to stay updated with everything they are doing.
  • Sketchfab is somehow similar to a social media platform. People can like, share, and even comment on work from other members.
  • People can explore free pieces or directly use the browser to find out what they want to see.

Some FAQ of Sketchfab

What is Sketchfab used for?

Sketchfab is a mixed app. People can use it to get access to amazing 3D models, as well as VR and AR files, and it can be also used as a social media platform.

Is Sketchfab free?

Yes, but it is somehow limited to keep the free membership while using the app.

Is Sketchfab safe?

Yes! Sketchfab has been shown to be a safe app for everyone.

Can you 3D print models from Sketchfab?

Yes! People can directly print models from the app if they want to.