Having a book can be something somehow complicated as technology is a key tool for everyone’s life. That’s why Scribd is here to give a proper solution for most users who loves to read or listen to audiobooks. With Scribd now you will have access to an amazing experience with an unlimited amount of content that you can enjoy as long as you are online!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Scribd

  • Beware that you can only use Scribd for free during the free trial it offers to people.
  • Scribd has an amazing extensive library that includes genres like personal growth, crime, travel, fiction, and many others.
  • Scribd not only offers books, but it also has an unlimited amount of music sheets that people can practice with.
  • People can stick around with their favorite magazines through Scribd as it includes tons of magazines on the app.
  • Something that is quite amazing and also included on the app is a huge document library that includes medical reports, case studies, and more.
  • People can customize the speed that they want to hear while listening to an audiobook.
  • Scribd allows users to set a sleep timer in case they fall asleep while listening to something on the app.
  • People can download content from Scribd in case they will go on a trip or something similar where they will not have any internet connection.
  • Scribd is easy to customize in other aspects, like the background, font size, and many other features.

Some FAQ of Scribd

Can I trust Scribd?

Yes! Scribd is one of the most trusted apps in the world for those who want to become an e-book reader, or for those who want to enjoy audiobooks.

Is Scribd for free?

No. Scribd only offers a free trial, once it’s done, people will need to pay for the subscription.

Can I keep the downloaded books from Scribd after the end of the subscription?

No. Once the subscription is over, you can’t get access to the Scribd library again.