Scrabble Go

One of the most famous table games created is now available for phone users! In case you don’t really know about the game, then this is the perfect time for you to get to know it! The free, new, and updated version of Scrabble is now prepared to give you tons of funs as you will have the chance to play with users from all over the world without leaving your house!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Scrabble Go

  • Scrabble Go offers the official gaming mode people are used to, no new changes made to it.
  • Scrabble Go has an amazing and unique multiplayer mode that will let you play with your friends and family, or with people from all over the world.
  • The app added a chat option for those who want to communicate with small phrases and emojis.
  • Scrabble Go added some new game modes for those who want to get more fun from the game with Duels, Word Drop. Tumbler, and Rush.
  • There are some new features added to the game, like Word Tiles that you can unlock by playing.
  • Users can level up their accounts, which will let them get access to new rewards.

Some FAQ of Scrabble Go

What are the rules of Scrabble Go?

The main rules of Scrabble Go are that no random words can be created. That’s the most important one that people can’t forget.

Can you play Scrabble Go alone?

Yes! You can play Scrabble Go alone to practice and become better at it!

Is Scrabble Go replacing Scrabble?

Yes. Scrabble Go will be replacing the old Scrabble app.

Can you play multiplayer on Scrabble Go?

Yes! People can play with people from all over the world or with their friends and family.