Roku app will make your life easier. This app will make your smartphone be a remote control of you Roku TV. However, it is not a common remote control; Roku app will provide you many other functions and options, such as, voice search or quick shortcuts. In addition, you can send what you want to watch to your Roku TV, for example, a movie, series, your pictures or whatever you want.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Roku

• You will be able to use the voice search using this app, although it is only available in USA, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdoms.
• Roku also counts with a Roku channel, so you will be able to watch different content from Roku itself.
• You will be able to watch the videos and pictures you have stored on your smartphone on the Roku TV thanks to this app.
• Roku is a completely free app.
• In addition, you can also enjoy Netflix, HBO GO, Apple TV and other platforms from your Roku TV.

Some FAQ of Roku

Why should I start using Roku?

If you already have a smart TV or a smart Roku, so you need to download and install this app in order to make your life easier. Sometimes, we lose our remote control and we waste much time on looking for it or maybe it starts going wrong, so you can use your smartphone without needing a remote control.
In addition, this app is completely free, so that is why you should start using Roku app.

Does Roku work on any devices?

Roku can be used on any Android devices and iOS devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Why is Roku that popular?

This app is very popular because it can replace that annoying remote control. In addition, this app is very easy and intuitive to use and counts with many other options and functions a remote control do not.

What do people think about Roku?

People do not usually complain about this app, since Roku tries its best and it can be seen in its rates and opinions of its users.

In conclusion

Thanks to Roku, you can converter your common TV into a smart TV spending little money. Roku app will make your life easier and you will be able to forget that conventional remote control.
We recommend you installing this app if you want to make some change in your life.