Rock Hero

Become a worldwide Rockstar with this amazing game! Show people why you are the true Rock Hero in this fantastic game that will make you sweat from the first moment with difficult songs that will remind you of the classic rock era. If you are ready for what’s waiting, then it’s time for you to prove to the world who’s ready to become a worldwide rock legend!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Rock Hero

  • People can choose three different difficulty levels for each one of the songs that are available in the game.
  • There are three different music styles that people can choose whenever they want before starting to play.
  • Rock Hero has 9 different songs available for its users, but they can add more songs if they want to.
  • People can enjoy each one of the songs available in the game in three different difficulty levels.
  • There are global scoreboards that people will need to beat in order to become the number 1 Rock Hero.
  • Controllers have been improved in order to give people a better gaming experience.

Some FAQ of Rock Hero

Can I play Rock Hero for free?

Yes. People can play Rock Hero for free.

Can Rock Hero be played offline?

Yes. Rock Hero can be played offline.

What do people think about Rock Hero?

Rock Hero is a pretty amazing game. People love it as it reassembles the good old Guitar Hero. And, as people can add the music they want to play, it adds even more fun to it, just perfect to spend hours playing it.

How do you play your own songs on Rock Hero?

People will need to upload their own songs to the game in order to play them. Once the upload is done, they will find their songs while choosing which one they will play.