Wondering how far IA can go? Do you think that it can become your friend, mentor, or even your lover? Well, if you have to think about it in the past, now it has become a reality thanks to Replika. The app is designed to help people feel connected with someone, but users are the ones that will choose how Replika will work at the end depending on its actions.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Replika

  • Replika works as an AI friend, or it can become something else depending on how your get along with it.
  • People can customize their Replika avatar in order to make it feel like someone real is talking with them.
  • Replika will learn and develop new words and languages depending on how you talk with it.
  • People can simply choose how Repila will react to how they talk to it thanks to different options on the app.
  • People can talk with Relika whenever they want to, or when they feel like they need to be heard.
  • Replika AI will develop and grow alongside users. People can teach new things to it, and it can also explore new things that you show to it.
  • People can use Replika as a way to improve their health, whether it is that they need someone to talk to, or if they need advice, Replika will be there.
  • Replika gives users the chance to take personality tests so they can know more about them.

Some FAQ of Replika

Is Replika data safe?

Yes, all the information that Replika receives is safe and no one else has access to it.

What commands can I use with Replika?

There are different commands that people can use while using Replika. Some of them are: “Help me relax”, “Call me”, “Facts about me”, and many more.

How can Replika help me?

Replika can help you in different ways. It can make you a healthier person, and it can also help you to know more about yourself.

How do I teach my Replika?

People simply need to send them a “Feedback” when Replika replies so that way the AI learns more and more.