Looking for an app to make things easier when working with your team? You don’t need to worry more, you can get it all with Quip. People can get access to different tools inside the app, which allows them to work with other team members whenever they need to. Use it wherever you want and don’t worry about not getting the chance to stay connected, Quip got you covered!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Quip

  • People can share documents with their co-workers in order to work together in real-time.
  • People can take notes and save them on the app to edit them whenever it is needed to.
  • Quip is useful for different tasks, not only for work purposes. People can use it to create a grocery list, organize a party, and more.
  • Quip users are allowed to talk between them in the app thanks to the in-app chat feature.
  • People can create in-app lists that can be updated in real-time to know about the progress of different tasks.
  • Users can easily create chat groups with as many people as they want in order to stay connected for as long as they need to.
  • People can sync their Quip account into different devices to keep everything tide no matter where they are at.
  • Quip is useful for more than taking just notes, people also have access to a spreadsheet feature.
  • People can import all kinds of files from apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, and more.
  • Quip allows its users to export the files they created on the app on different formats.

Some FAQ of Quip

What is Quip used for?

Quip is a pretty multi-functional app. People can use it for daily tasks, or they can use it for work-related activities.

Is the Quip app free?

Yes! People can use it for free, and there’s also a paid option for people who wants to get more of the app.

How does Quip app work?

Quip works in different ways. People can use it to take notes, use the spreadsheet feature, or simply import or export files.

Does Quip autosave?

Yes! Quip has an autosave feature added in the app.