ProtonMail offer their users one of the best solutions someone can ask for. Thanks to the app, users will have their emails encrypted. This means that everyone with the app would have higher security on their emails, and it will also provide higher protection to your phone. Easy to use and activate, ProtonMail is a solution that most of the internet users might need.

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Some important characteristics you should know about ProtonMail

  • ProtonMail will ensure that all of the emails you have or receive stay private, no one else is going to get access to them.
  • ProtonMail works with end-to-end encryption, which translates into a safer service.
  • Encryption service from ProtonMail is easier than most users think. It only takes a few minutes to configure it.
  • Not even ProtonMail will read your messages, they are stored in an encrypted format.
  • ProtonMail is open-source. Basically, this means that experts from all over the world can take a look at it and provide more security to its users.
  • People can create a new email account with ProtonMail with a PGP key and easy management tools.
  • Works similar to the common email app. People will receive notifications when receiving a new email, among other features.

Some FAQ of ProtonMail

What is ProtonMail used for?

ProtonMail is an app used to keep emails safe, but it is also used as an email service, it will depend on what people need.

Is ProtonMail free?

Yes! People can try it out for free and can upgrade to the premium account if wanted.

Is ProtonMail legitimate?

Yes. ProtonMail is a legitimate app.

Is ProtonMail really safe?

Yes. ProtonMail is actually pretty safe.