Are you looking for a website where you can download thousands of images for free? Sounds like something amazing for people, and you can get access to it as well! If you are looking for pictures of a city, from nature, a simple photo, or more, then you truly need to try Pixabay out as it will surprise you with its huge library of images that everyone can use however they want to!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Pixabay

  • People can easily search for the image they are looking for as there’s a browse integrated into the app.
  • People can swipe through thousands of different images that are completely free to download.
  • Pixabay allows users to download the image they want in different sizes, no need to worry about not finding the one that fits you.
  • People can share all the content that is available on the app as it also has videos and music on it.
  • People can like and fav the content from other users on the app as it somehow works as a social media platform.
  • Pixabay added the one-click feature in order to make things easier for people when watching an image.
  • People can upload their own content to Pixabay and others can like it and download it.

Some FAQ of Pixabay

Can I trust Pixabay?

Yes! Pixabay has proven to be a trustworthy website.

Is Pixabay really free?

Yes, people can use it for free for as long as they want to.

How do I use Pixabay?

People can use the app without having an account on it to download images. If you created an account, then you will get access to more unique features.

What is Pixabay used for?

Pixabay is mostly used to download images, but the app has somehow involved into a social media platform.